From the home page, you can access items by clicking on a Category, or clicking on the search icon in the top right corner.

Items in a selected category, or from the search screen will display. Items that have variants (ie size/ color/ etc.) will be grouped together. Clicking on the down arrow will expand the section showing all the variant options.

To add an item, click on the "+" and it will be added to the cart.

Additionally, items might have "add-ons", called modifiers, that can be added on to an item.

Modifiers display as grey buttons grouped with the item section.

[image of modifier options for example item]

Clicking on a modifier will add it to the item.

[image of modifier being added]

Clicking on the modifier a second time will add the inverse of the modifier to the item, and will denote a "NO" prefix to the modifier. Clicking on the modifier a third time will reset to the initial state (no modifier selected).

[display these options]

Click on the "+" button after selecting a modifier to add the item + modifier to your cart.